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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 . 4/28/2010 05:38:00 PM

no s** ))):
ToDay was randomly abnormalllll....Zzz had the english mob-ENg EXAM~~starting i was like damn it where's my ans paper...-.- "ask the teacher,the teacher say no more le....." then i go another class *1B* the indian teacher was huh? huh? huh? oh!...-.- then..."here u go" ...i go bak i see again ...WRONG ONE!...zzz...this time go *1A* "ms jas came out then i ask 4 the DAMN paper again" she say i have no more u KNO!!! then she ask me run to her desk *there got one left* ==" i run there run bakkk then go bak class every1 start the paper ALR!!! i quickly run bak to my sit then *use the paper hit alden head~ ;) in the End i heng hEng~ finish all includin summmmary plan..=)hoho..

today totally like in a cold world no *** le xD and still the god damn it air-con in our class is still darnnnn hOT L0L